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The Night Noodle Markets

A Good Food Month Event

· Food,Australia

Here in Australia, it's good food month. Which means there's plenty of delicious events happening in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, and Brisbane. Each featuring different restaurants or chefs offering pop-up markets, classes, and small set dinners.

If there's one thing Melbourne loves, it's Asian cuisine, and so it makes sense that one of the large events here in the city is the Night Noodle Markets. On now until November 30, in Alexandria Gardens, there's a mix of food trucks, restaurants with stands, bars, and entertainment.

Tofu with Papaya Salad and Peanuts, BBQ Chicken with Cumin, and Double Roasted Pork Gua Baos from Wonderbao

Spring Onion Pancake with Egg from Ghost Kitchen Taiwanese Food

Miniature Pancakes with Caramel Sauce

So if you're in one of the four cities, grab some friends, and head out to one of the events to try some scrumptious eats. For you only have a few more days to try it all out!

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