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Designing 007

50 Years of James Bond

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When you think of fast cars, fancy clothes, world travel, and espionage I’m sure the name Bond, James Bond comes to mind. This year sees the 50th anniversary of the world famous 00 agents. And what better way to celebrate the world’s longest-running film franchise than with an exhibit of all the props, planning, and plotting that went into the making of the 007 empire.

Currently, on at the Melbourne Museum, you’ll walk through room after room of Bond related items, all set up in different themes. Step over to the exhibit area and you’ll first be met with the cars that make us all wish we were fit to serve in her Majesty’s secret service. Bond’s Aston Martin DBS and DB5 are just a few of the fast paced props you’ll be in for.

Other rooms in the exhibit include The Golden room, Ian Fleming’s history and inspiration for the novels, MI6 headquarters and Q’s inventions, a casino room, Bond’s mission destinations, and finally the villains. If you’re craving a bit more time in the spy realm afterward, head over to the Bond Bar, for a martini and more.

The exhibits on until February 23, 2014, for more information such as hours and prices check out their website here.


Update 2/21/14: Word is the exhibit will be moving to Moscow, Russia when it finishing here at the end of the month.

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