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The Bridge Laneway Festival

A Good Food Month Event

· Food,Australia

This past Sunday was the Bridge Laneway Festival, another part of the Good Food Month celebrations. The Bridge Hotel, located on Bridge Rd, in Richmond, is a great place to hang out regardless of the event on. This was my first time there, and I enjoyed it immensely. The venue has 5 separate bars located in various spots on the ground floor, and the studio style hangout area upstairs.

The laneway makes use of the shop front vibe and Melbourne's talented street art scene for its decor. There are some high top tables out here, which is great during nice weather.

During the festival, there were several food stands set up in areas around the venue. Items for sale included Rueben Sandwiches, Turkish Fish Sandwiches, and Paella.

Overall I'd suggest the Bridge Hotel, no matter what day as a great place to take some friends and spend a few relaxing hours.

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