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Perth Day 1

A Fairly Lazy Day

· Australia,Food,Cooking,Currency,City Walks

My first day here was mostly about getting settled in and relaxing a little. I have a hard time reminding myself it's okay to take things easy once and a while. So I spent most the day reading, cleaning up my luggage, drawing, and sleeping. Not much to write about I guess, but here are a few pictures from my eventless day.

My new currency

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Neighborhood around the hostel

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Trying out the pasta here: Avocados Mushrooms, Chicken, and Sun Dried Tomatoes in White Wine Sauce. I think we'll get along just fine here.

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I want to cook so much more now: So many options!

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Outside patio area of my hostel: It was a little rainy on day one

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We have a pool table in our main lobby

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