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Morning Rush in Singapore

Enjoying a 20 hour layover in Singapore

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I tried to get as much in as possible this morning before I had to start my journey to Perth. I did okay, but I have rather inappropriate shoes (big boots) and long sleeves, since most of my clothing is in my checked luggage, and that stayed in the airport last night, so I got a big sluggish.

I started the morning by heading the Marina Bay area, checking out the Sands hotel and other local architecture until the ArtScience Museum opened so that I could finally see the "Art of the Brick" exhibit by Nathan Sawaya. (I missed it last year when it was in Taipei.) It's extraordinary to see what someone could build from Legos, so many different concepts you thought you'd never see expressed with what is usually a children's toy. Everything from portraits, emotional sculptures or lighter ideas playing on geometry. I really enjoyed it.

Last I took a stroll around the Marina Bay area, as there are nice park and lots of old and new iconic buildings around. After I was feeling a little worn out from the sun so it was back to the hostel to grab my bags and head to the airport. Perth here I come!

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