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Perth: Arts and Parks

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My second day here, and I've done a much better job at exploring. This morning I made some breakfast and filled for my tax ID number with the Australian government. Then it I left the building for a day of wandering. I thought I got a little lost around the train tracks...but I managed to easily navigate the city. Here's some of my exploration.

The CAT buses are free around Perth, there are three: Yellow, Red, and Blue. The Yellow serves me well for getting into town, though today I walked it.

Walking to the center of town I got a little lost around this intersection with the train

Outside the Arts Park at James St. Here are many theaters and museums. I went to see the Art Museum of Western Australia today.

They were having an exhibit featuring Year 12 students, this was one of the works I enjoyed. They combined thoughts of the banking system with the popular board game. They also had an exhibit put on by the MOMA that featured famous photographers images of/from New York. Stieglitz, Sherman, Arbus, and more graced the walls. Though I studied a lot of these images it was my first time seeing an original print of them.

After a few hours walking around the museum, it was time to relax for lunch, I got a New Zealand cider from the cafe at the art museum.

Also, this burger made from spiced lentils and sweet potato, it came with greens, tomato, aioli, and pesto.

I had a few postcards to mail from the museum, so I stopped at the post office. Loving the stamps.

Crossing over the train tracks near the Perth station, I tried out the other side of the city.

I found the Stirling Gardens nearby and sat to draw for a while

My sketch from the park, this is the Supreme Court located nearby

All in all a great day of relaxation. Now back to the hostel. I've heard there is a cookout tonight.

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