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Mask Painting

· Taiwan,Taipei

The past few Sundays I've been taking a class. The first two hours are Chinese grammar, the second two different forms of art. The grammar parts have been giving me a nice review of some points I'd forgotten, as well as a chance to practice writing for the first time It's also helped push me into studying Chinese again, I had gotten a little lazy the past few months.

The art parts have been fun, we've seen new styles I didn't study in college and it's given me an appreciation for how difficult some of them are. The past few weeks we've done Chinese calligraphy (practicing individual characters and idioms.) and painting. This week was face masks. We were each given a mask, and some styles to go off of. We could either try to do symmetrical masks or pick two different sides. I decided to try and make mine uniform, sadly as you can see it's a bit lopsided.

Each color in the mask represents a different quality. Red is loyalty, blue strength, green courage, and black honesty. We could pick how much of each we wanted to do, I found the black and white contrast really striking so I used that the most in my mask. I'm pretty proud of mine, even it if is a bit rough. Now I'll have to work on wearing it in everyday situations and watching people's reactions.

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