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Looking to the Future

Deciding what comes after Taiwan

· Taiwan,TESOL,Taipei,Living Abroad,Australia

Tomorrow brings me having only 200 days left on my contract here in Taiwan. I know that sounds like a lot and I shouldn't be worrying about the "next move" yet. At the same time, I know myself, and how time moves. Meaning if I don't start thinking about it now, the end will before here before I have time to consider my options. Here are a few things making my list at the time:

Option 1: Stay another year. Some days staying a third year sounds like a great idea. I love it here, the people are nice, the food is great, my students are amazing. Most days though, I know my time here will come to a close in February. It's not that I don't cherish my time here and love this country, but I can feel myself getting unsettled at the idea of not moving. I also don't want to remain here simply because it was a safe, happy place to spend my time.

Option 2: Working Holiday Visa in Australia. I've been considering and starting to research this option. Not that my time here has been constantly stressful, but after a few years of teaching, it might be nice to spend some time a year in relative freedom in a Western country.

Option 3: Find a new teaching job in another country. Korea and Japan are places that I would also like to live at some point, I could just continue teaching in a solid streak. It might be the easiest, but I also think I'm not ready for that at this time.

Option 4: The wild card. This is where I open it up to you guys, friends, family, and the general public. Any ideas normal or crazy for my next move? Throw anything at me, from office clerk in Texas to lion trainer in a Siberian circus. I'm all ears.

In this way, I think 200 days is the perfect time to consider the future. And imagine the future location of my life, no matter how scary, exciting, or strange it may be.