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Staying dry and safe as Taiwan gets an unwelcome visitor

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I’ve mentioned the typhoon days here before, but until now, they’ve always been rather anti-climatic. Before they were just a dry day or had some light rain, and I just used it to catch up on sleep and clean my room. Last night, was a pretty crazy time. From about 7 pm to 6 am here there were severe winds. My windows shook, I could hear loose pieces of roofs shaking next door, I kept envisioning them flying into my room since they are fairly close to me. Our apartment has a lot of water leaking into it through windows and wall cracks. There’s a pretty sizable puddle in my closet I’ve had to keep an eye on. On the east coast, there was a lot of flooding. So far the death toll here is only 4, far less than the Philippines had to deal with. I’m fortunate to be safe, today’s been an indoor day, though the winds died down at this point. Cooking, watching tv, catching up on sleep and trying to avoid cabin fever. We’ll see what tomorrow brings, most likely we’ll be back at work.

Last night at about 5:30pm

Last night at 11:30pm

Rainfall all day 8-1-2012

Rain so far today 8-2-2012

Typhoons wrapping back around

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