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Visiting Pingtung in Southern Taiwan

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Today I had my first journey on the Taiwan High-Speed Rail. While the journey wasn't anything stupendous it was pretty amazing getting from one end of the island to another in only an hour and a half.

After arriving at Zuoying station, I met my friend and we grabbed another train to Pingtung.

Our first stop was to Wan-luan village for some of the famous Hakka pork knuckles. It's apparently the best in Taiwan. It was quite good, though more than we could finish.

Afterwards, we headed to my friend's campus. Which is so expensive they have a campus bus to pick people up a few times a day, as well as a hitch hiking area, where anyone willing to help out a classmate can give a lift up the hill. We walked, it took us about half an hour to get to the campus hotel. Along the way, we passed expansive fields and a lychee orchard.

Now I'm sitting in the hotel room slowly realizing the lack of ambient noise that I've grown accustomed to in Taipei. It's a far change from the city I was in this morning.

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