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Walpole & Two People Bay

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For the next 2 months and one week, I'll be living out of a camper van with my friend as we travel all over Western Australia, and parts of the Northern Territory. Here's our nomadic home:

Our first day we drove down to Walpole, in the southwest part of the country, where we spent a few days in the National Park. I don't recommend driving highway 1 at night for two main reasons: 1) No one really does, so the gas stations all close around 6. They don't use credit cards at the pump, so we were cutting it close, we ended up finally getting to a gas station, where we spent our first night sleeping in the parking lot waiting for it to open. 2) KANGAROOS EVERYWHERE, as soon as the sun went down they are out in full force, it gets a bit worrisome.

Once we got to Walpole National Park, we went to the Valley of the Giants tree walk The high point is 40km (the trees can grow up to 70km.) It gives you an amazing view over the forest. Don't bother trying to go on an extremely windy day, as they close it down in those circumstances. There's also some great trails around the area, as well as some guided tours (canceled due to rain on our visit, however.)

After Walpole, we had a slight problem, Easter weekend, where most things were booked up. Fortunately for us, we had met someone earlier in the trip who told us about some free camping areas. Located on Two People's Bay, there is a small area of beach where camping is allowed (free!) It's not the fanciest setup, only one outhouse toilet, but the scenery is fantastic! On Homestead Rd, we drove until the pavement gave way to a dirt road, that seemed to go on forever, eventually leading us to East Bay Rd. Once we turned onto that, we were suddenly greeted with a beach full of camper vans and tents. There was only one spot left, so we grabbed it, and spent our Easter weekend just hanging out on the beach.

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