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Up All Night in Tokyo

· Japan,Food

After our early morning at the fish market, we took a quick nap. But Friday night was still for going out. We started with dinner near our hostel in Kuramae (we stayed at a hostel called Nui it was a really comfy place, with a great atmosphere and a lounge area with bar in the lobby.It was one of the best hostels I’ve stayed in.) The restaurant was called Cielo Y Rio and it had really nice pasta, roasted meats, and desserts. It was a great mood setter.

Next we headed to What the Dickens in the Ebisu train station area. It’s on the fourth floor of a building nearby. The inside reminded me of most pubs I had frequented in England, and there was a great cover band playing that night. We sat back and drank a few, I finally found Magner’s Cider in Asia and we took in the tunes. They played Queen, Deep Purple, and so many more awesome songs.

After the band finished a little after midnight, the place died down quiet a bit, so we moved on. I’m not a big club fan, but as it’s Tokyo we decided to hit up one. We chose to go to Womb, it’s one of the largest ones in Tokyo. It’s 4 stories tall, the first floor is more of a lounge with a small dance floor and DJ. Next was a big dance room, with a mirror ball. They were pumping in the smoke and it smelled really intense in there. The other floors were also lounge bars. Overall it was fun, but not my favorite place in the world.

Around 4:30 it was time to head to 7-11 for some snacks, and hit the first train back to our hostel. After the fish market it was our second sunrise in two days. We’ll be getting a third one in tomorrow morning (for sadder reasons) as our evening flight got delayed until 6am tomorrow. They put everyone up in a hotel for the evening, but we all have to get on a bus at 4am tomorrow to head back to the airport. Sunday well be a long day of rest when I get back.