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Moving from Taiwan to Australia!

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Heart racing, brain turning, stomach feeling a little uneasy. This has been anytime I've had time to think the past few months. Time is drawing short in Taiwan. The life I established here is slowly changing. It has been this entire time, friends coming and going. Language skills growing. More adventures, places I've seen, stamps in my passport. The past two years of my life have been a whirlwind. I can't say there's much I would have changed. This place has helped me grow, become a stronger and better person. There are a few things I wished I had handled a little better at the time, but this is life. Now, however, I can't believe it, I'm closing this chapter of my life (by choice, of course, I know in my heart it's time to move on.) I'm so excited for Australia I can feel my heart bursting out of my chest at times, yet 82 days left in this country, I slowly begin to panic. Will I finish all the things I want to, see all the sights I haven't, see the people I want to, say all the right things. Or will I simply let the next (less than) 3 months of my life fade past?