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The End of the Era

· Taiwan,Australia,Living Abroad

2 years have come and gone since I touched down on the Taiwan ground. So much has changed since then. I’m a different person in so many ways, the people around me have changed so much. I never thought I’d meet such amazing people, both of my friends and students. They’ve affected me in so many ways. My friends it’s been amazing going on our adventures. My students, it’s been amazing seeing their hard-work and growth. Now I’m leaving, so nervous about the future. I know deep down in my heart though, I’ll see you guys again. You’ve changed my life profusely, and to never see you again would be

I’m not good at sappy goodbyes, but after 2 years of fleeting hours, of 12-hour workdays, crammed Chinese classes, squeezing every minute I can into friendships, its come to an end. I’m ready for a change. I know you all understand this. It’s sad to say goodbye though. I hope we can all reach the future we want, and I hope I really honestly see you someday.

Australia, you’re going to be something completely different.