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Here We Go

The move from Taiwan to Australia begins...with a stopover

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After 2 weeks of finishing teaching, tax forms, finding a subletter, saying goodbye to friends, cleaning out my apartment, sorting my possessions down to a suitcase and a duffle, hitting up my "one more time" list in Taiwan (which mostly consisted of shoving delicious things in my mouth) time is up. The new adventure starts this very second.

My roommate helped me lug my belongings down the stairs with me, and sent me in a taxi to the airport. After just sneaking under the luggage weight limit and getting through security, it's hitting me. The adventure it's starting now. I quit my job, I packed up everything, I have no clue what waits for me in Australia. But we'll find out.

First mission: Day in Singapore. My flight has a 20-hour layover, so you bet I've booked a hostel in town, and plan on hitting up some old favorites from my last trip here last February. Be ready for a lot more blog posts.

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