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Sun Picture

The World's Oldest Picture Garden

· Historical Sites,Australia

I love seeing historical places mixed with modern culture. That's why Sun Pictures peaked my interest. It isn't just a piece of history that you can go and look at, but rather an experience. The theater still shows two movies nightly, allowing you enjoy this for yourself.

The open air cinema features deck chairs (covered and uncovered.) It's got all your modern snack needs (popcorn, soda, candy, etc.) as well. When you walk in, there's lots of antique movie equipment and posters to look at. It's interesting to see how technology has changed.

This is definitely something not to be missed. Sitting with the stars directly over me made me feel like I was watching this movie in the comforts of someone's backyard. I recommend bringing a pillow though, for some added comfort.

The history of this theater is really complex. So I could never hope to properly sum it up. If you're interested in reading more click here.

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