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More Chilly Ciders

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As I work my way up the coast I keep finding a variety of beverages. So I've decided to do another cider post. If you missed the first here you go

Cheeky Rascal is a brand of cider made by Rebello Wines located in Victoria. They had some of the most interesting fruit combinations that I’ve seen. There was an entire cooler of options, but here are the four that I tried.

Passionfruit Pink Lady packed a citrusy punch with the grapefruit in it. I’m not usually a huge grapefruit fan, but the flavors worked well together. The Strawberry Mint was really interesting, but I don’t think I could drink a lot of these.

The Ginger Apple by far was my favorite, mostly because I love ginger.

Castaway is made with cane sugar in the fermentation process, giving it a really light color. This was a really smooth cider for me, and I didn’t feel overwhelmed flavor wise after a few of these. It was a good afternoon drink. I haven’t found them again lately, however; I’m keeping my eyes open.

Old Moot is a New Zealand brand, which comes in seven different flavors. So far I’ve found two. Their Boysen-cider combines apple cider with boysenberry wine. I really enjoyed the fusion of the two; it was really smooth and had a deep flavor. It’s available in three different sizes as well.

Their scrumpy (also available in a pear version) is a medium sweet cider. It packs a punch at 8%. This one is good with flavorful food, as I found the flavor lingered for a long time.

Rekorderlig is a Swedish brand. I had their Strawberry Lime when I was in Taiwan and at the time found it too sweet. Now though, I’ve had the opportunity to try more of their flavors the brand is growing on me. The Winter Cider has a nice mulled quality to it. I had it cold, but I think I’d like to try it hot next time; it might make it a bit more fitting for the winter theme.

I thought I might find the mango and raspberry too sweet, but the raspberry flavorings didn’t seem too sugary as with others I’d had. This was my favorite so far of the brand.

Matso’s, Last time I had their Mango Desert Lime Cider. This time I got my hands on some of their Desert Lime and Ginger. This one is a lot less sweet than the Mango. The ginger offers a nice tingly feeling to the drink. I had the chance to visit their brewery here in Broome; I’ll be posting more about it later!

Two Elk is another Swedish brand that I’ve found here. I’ve seen apple, pear, and berries & lime so far. I decided to go for the berries and lime to try something a little different. It was a really enjoyable drink, not too sweet, and really smooth. The berry taste was very light, almost giving me a creamy drink sensation. The four-pack of these did not last me very long for that reason.

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