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Petronas Twin Towers

Kuala Lumpur's tallest buildings

· Malaysia,Architecture

Kuala Lumpur is famous for many things, but amongst them all is the Petronas Towers. These twin towers were the tallest in the world from 1998 to 2004, when Taipei 101 took the record from them. They've been featured in the movie Entrapment and the video game Hitman 2. Plus it took them only six years to complete! The government demanded that when the buildings started it so two different companies were hired, one for each tower! So if you're in KL then it's definitely a stop you must take!

BOOK AHEAD! I cannot stress this enough. Ticket sales open up 3 days in advance and sell quickly. So don't expect to rock up to the counter and get them for that day! Visit their website as soon as possible before the day you hope to visit. Tours start every 15 minutes. At this time tickets are RM80 (about US$24) per person.

As you can see...two days from now, and there's already only limited amounts available!

As for the tour itself:

First head to the ticket counter to claim your pre-booked tickets, make sure to have some ID incase they need to check.

Second head over to the security check point when your time is called. Here you'll go through a metal detector and any bags you have will be x-rayed. You'll be given a security badge here with a colored logo, make sure to note the color as they call you by this later on.

Entry ticket and colored security badge

When you hear your color, it's time to head up to the Skybridge! Here you can take in what is the world's highest double decker bridge. Levels 41 and 42 both connect towers 1 and 2 here. While you're enjoying the view think of all the office workers making their way back and forth on the level above you!

When your group is called again, it's time to get back in the elevator, making your way up to the Observation Deck on level 86. Here you'll get a full view of the opposing tower and skyline, as well as getting to see some models and information about the city and the Petronas Towers.

While you're up there, check out the special TVs. You use the QR code on your ticket to see different 3D models and facts about the towers construction.

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