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National Mosque - Masjid Negara

Visiting Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia's National Mosque

· Religious Sites,Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is a fantastic place to see a mix of cultures living as one. Previously I wrote about the Hindu temple in the Batu Caves. This time I was headed to see the National Mosque. A description of this Mosque is below:

Visiting as a tourist comes with some rules and restrictions, so here's the quick run down:

1) Times: Typically visiting hours are from Monday-Sunday 9am-noon, 3pm-4, and 5:30pm-6:30. Though hours may vary on Fridays and special events. There's a sign posted at the tourist entrance with visiting times, so check that out before entering. If you need to kill time, there are plenty of nearby attractions to see before coming back and trying again.

2) Remove your shoes, they aren't allowed inside the mosque. When you get to the tourist entrance there are some boxes to keep them in while you're wandering the grounds.

3) Typically men need to wear pants inside the mosque, and women should have their hair, shoulders, and legs covered. Seeing as KL is very hot, you most likely aren't going to be dressed appropriately, don't sweat it though, for those not making the dress code there are robes you can borrow.

4) Ask questions! There's typically a host or two at the prayers room entrance, if you have any lingering questions about Islam, now's the perfect time to get answers.

5) Don't enter the prayer room. While you can peek in and take photos from the entrance, non-Muslims aren't allowed after this point, so don't be that tourist trying to slip by for the perfect shot.

Keep these points in mind and you'll have a smooth visit and be able to enjoy the beautiful architecture!

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