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Perth Round 2

More food and fun as we stop off in the city

Thursday through Sunday was spent getting back into society. We had to drive back to Perth to continue north, and decided to rest up the weekend in town, and enjoy having a little more of a social life. This time we were in the Northbridge neighborhood, so we got to try out a new batch of venues.

Source is a restaurant striving to offer fresh, locally grown food, with plenty of alternate options for vegetarians, vegans, and more. We ate breakfast here two mornings since it was near our hostel. The first day I had the “eggs in a daze” that came with sourdough bread, poached eggs, bacon, spinach and hollandaise sauce. The second day I got the mushroom hummus crotis, which had sautéed mushrooms, spinach, and hummus on toast. They make a great selection of Rooibos tea as well.

Aisuru Sushi across the street from Brass Monkey Pub has a lot of great nigiri choices as well as fusion type rolls as well. My two favorite rolls that I tried were the Philly Cheesesteak and the Baked Salmon.

U&I Café is a Vietnamese restaurant open 24 hours, I stopped by for some late night pho on the way back to my hostel, it was a great flavorful, but not over filling option for a midnight snack.

Brass Monkey is a major pub in the Northbridge area. We stopped by a few nights for dinner or a drink both our first time and this. They have a balcony open Thursday-Saturday, as well as indoor and outdoor seating areas on the first floor, it’s a nice open bar centered around a courtyard in the middle. Thursday night was karaoke night in one of the rooms, so we broke out some classics like Bonnie Tyler and the Outfield.

The Shed another open courtyard bar, this one has multiple areas and bars as well. There was a live band playing covers from the 80s through present hits, as well as DJs during their breaks. There’s a dance floor in the back near the stage, picnic tables in the open middle, and a patio area in the front.

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