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While leaving Two People's Bay we spent a day in Albany, it was still Easter Weekend which meant a lot of shops and venues were closed, so we took in more of the natural beauty of the area. Coming in from Highway 1 we were greeted with this ship, a replica of the one that brought the first Western settlers to Western Australia.

On our way to find the Gap and Natural Bridge, we found another overlook and fishing area. There are stairs you can take down to the rocks below. The waves were giant, and there is plenty of signage warning you about being safe in the area.

Continuing up the road we got to the most noted sights in the park. First, stop the Gap portion.

Huge waves were crashing on the rocks, definitely not a place you want to be stuck. You can climb around on the rocks on both sides if you're feeling brave. You'll be rewarded with some great ocean views.

To the right of the Gap lies the Natural Bridge, you can climb down on it. If you look really carefully you can see the two girls on it.

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