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More Delicious Reasons I Come Home

Food that makes me love America

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1) Wings - Delicious, smothered​ saucy, spicy wings. Boneless or not, they are usually a mix and match heaven of sauces. And usually at most Wisconsin bar venues, they are for a ridiculously cheap price. These fine ones hail from State Street Brats in Madison, WI. MMMHHMMM Sweet Chili Sauce.

Yeah, it's a chain but Buffalo Wild Wings still is a must for me. Caribbean Jerk and Asian Zing bring some awesome sweet heat.

2) Friday Night Fish Fry (or sometimes Wednesdays too!) A Wisconsin Friday night tradition is going to your local favorite for all you can eat fish (and sometimes fried chicken as well.) A meal surrounded by sides of your choice of potato (fries, baked, twice baked, potato pancakes...), potato salad, coleslaw, tartar sauce, applesauce, rye bread and more await you. And usually for a crazy price as well. This feast was eaten at Mineshaft in Hartford, WI for the low price of $4.99 (Wednesday and Friday night.)

3) Completely insane sushi fusion rolls - sushi, a relatively simple dish gets a little crazy here. Strange rolls including bacon, beef, peppers, tofu, and others have been found. Last year I had a roll featuring Japanese pork chop, Asian coleslaw, and baconaise (yeah that's right bacon mayonnaise!) Below we have my meal at Phin in De Pere, WI. While the left is a relatively normal Philly Roll (Salmon and Cream Cheese.) The right, however, is their The Smoke Is Yours roll (Japanese scallop & mango, topped with bacon, fried onion, & balsamic reduction.)

This one is from Sushi A-Go-Go at the Milwaukee Public Market in Milwaukee, WI. They have many rolls such as the cowboy roll, the hippie roll, etc. Many combine pepper, tofu, beef and other ingredients into interesting spicy deliciousness.

4) Mexican Food - Yeah don't look at me like I'm crazy. Besides actually going to Mexico (which let's face it if you're on your lunch break, is a bit too far...) it can be hard to find a good place. When I was living in Taiwan, finding a decent Mexican restaurant was a magical never-ending quest, one that was crushed at each new restaurant. But with a large immigrant community in Wisconsin, there are plenty of tasty venues popping up all over the place. This awesome burrito swimming in cilantro sauce was eaten at Margarita Paradise, also located in the Milwaukee Public Market.

6) Fried food - I don't have a picture, but do yourself a favor and go to Fried and Fabulous a food cart in Madison (check their Facebook page for times and locations.) Deep Fried Cheesecake. Best. Thing. Ever.

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