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Food of the Motherland

AKA Reasons I Come Home

Okay, so there are plenty more reasons why I come home. But let's face it, food has a powerful grip on us as human beings, and somehow the longing for certain dishes takes over way before missing other things. These are just two of the delicious reasons I come home. I'll be thinking up plenty more as my trip continues.

1) Bacon - I know what your thinking...bacon exists all over the world. But it seems to be part of the American dream to take bacon and push hard to include it in every dish. Here are a few items that I found at "bacon night" at a Madison Mallard's game.

Bacon Funnel Cake

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Bacon Chocolate Ice Cream

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Spicy Bacon Philly Cheesesteak

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2 - Cheese Curds, delicious cheesy heaven, no matter fried or fresh. The squeakier the better (no literally if they don't squeak they aren't fresh!)

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More to come, what's your favorite at home dish?

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