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Ciders of Australia

A Sampling

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A little break from in Geraldton today, so I think it's time to pause from my caravan posts and talk about more tasty things. I'm a huge fan of ciders, but unfortunately while living in Taiwan, this got stomped out for a while. The reason being that there were only one or two types and they were usually quite expensive. Moving here, however, I've been overwhelmed by the options available! Here are some of the ones I've had the good fortune to try.

Strongbow, I'll start with this because I was a big fan while living in England. While it's not an Australian made one, there are more variations here than I can shake a stick at. First up:

Pear Cider with Raspberry & Strawberry. I'm not a huge fan of pear ciders, but the combination of this one lured me in. It tastes very candy like to me. Super sweet with the berries.

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Apple with Mango & Passionfruit, also sweeter than I would normally enjoy, the fruit pairings in this one keep making me buy it. It's one of my favorites so far.

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Clear: A low sugar and carb version of Strongbow, it is still surprisingly flavorful.

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Magner's, while I'm on imports I'll do this one as well. I had the original on tap at several places, but today was the first that I had found some variants.

Apple with Orange and Honey tones. The honey stands out first to me, later I get a bit of the orange in the after taste. It's not a bad combination by any means, though I don't think I could drink several in one sitting.

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Little World Company, out of Fremantle, has several breweries such as Little Creatures and White Rabbit. Pipsqueak is their cider brand. Available in apple and pear.

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Matilda Bay, in North Fremantle, is the first brewery opened after WWII. Their Dirty Granny cider, won the best cider at the inaugural Australian cider awards.

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The Cidery, based in Bridgetown, makes non-alcoholic and hard versions. I've only actually had their still apple juice, but if their hard ciders are anything like this, I'm sold.

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Matso's, of Broome, has so far been one of my favorite ciders. The desert limes in here packed a citrus bunch that kept me wanting more. I'm looking forward to getting up to Broome to try more of theirs.

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Padthaway Estates, "House of Eliza", Spikey Norman. The winery made a great apple and pear combination. It had really the best of both flavors involved in it. The fun label drew me in, but the taste kept me going.

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