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Cervantes and The Pinnacles

· National Parks,Australia

Sunday afternoon we left Perth and started our journey north. We didn’t travel far out of town, when the landscape changed quickly from the forests and trees we had been used to down south, to a drier flat type of flora. As we drove down highway 60 we were greeted with the ocean on one side, and dunes and desert on the other. Big yellow signs warned us of emus, kangaroos, and echidnas crossing on the roads.

We only drove about 2 hours, stopping in Cervantes. The Pinnacles are a nearby attraction. $11 per car (up to 8 people) gets you to access to the visitors center, walking trail, and car trail. The walking trail is nicely marked, just keep an eye out for the next marker, and you’ll have no problem following it. Early morning or late afternoon is an ideal time to beat the heat.

After the park, we stopped at the Seabreeze restaurant in town. They offer a great range of pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, seafood, etc. I got the Aussie pizza with ham, cheese, onion, and tomato.

The Pinnacle Caravan Park is on the edge of town, a bit pricey, but really one of the only options for camping in the area, we paid $35 for a powered site. Nicely kept though, and right on the beach.

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