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White Night

Up all night at Melbourne's twelve hour whole city art festival

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White Night is a festival idea where art is celebrated from dusk to dawn. Many cities around the world have a festival of the sort, and last year Melbourne had their first. Luckily for me, my last full weekend in the city coincided with this year's event, and so I got to experience what happens when Melbourne is transformed, in every sense, into a massive free art gallery.

The event ran from 7pm-7am. If you go next year I recommend getting into the city earlier and staying away from the Flinder Street portion until later in the evening. After 10-11 a lot of the families have gone home, so it's easier to get around in this area of the festival. For information about the upcoming year, check out their official website.

Illuminated Letters on Princes Bridge branded the evening.

The arts precinct became the "Tattooed City". Images of tattooed Melbournians were projected onto the NGV building.

Across the street, the gardens became the "Alex and the Engineer" precinct. The garden had little works along its walkways.

Flinders Street Station became a colorful display, as part of "Wonderland."

As did the streets across from Federation Square.

The ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) had a light party going on.

They also had some special film events. One was the "Vladmaster: Viewfinder Experience" where a story track was played and you followed along via your own slides.

Food trucks were keeping the crowds filled throughout the night. I stopped at "White Guy Does Thai."

At a 12 hour festival, Fried Chicken and Spring Rolls hit the spot.

The State Library of Victoria became "Kaleidoscope" as part of the Northern Lights precinct.

Inside the library was "Molecular Kaleidoscope" a close up of virus strands.

Up by the Old Melbourne Gaol "Purple Rain" was a big stop. Here you could revel in the misty square.

Moonlight Synchro at the City Baths these swimmers kept up the performances for 12 hours.

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