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Relaxing in Toronto

A long weekend of seeing friends and eating tasty things

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Two weeks ago I got to spend a long weekend in Toronto and the neighboring areas. It was a good catch up with friends living there, so I didn’t see that many of the tourist sites, but I had ample opportunities to stuff myself on delicious foods and enjoy some chill activities. Here’s a short rundown of all things good:

Poutini's House of Poutine

If you’re in the market to try some of Canada’s famed poutine, this place is ideal. They have plenty variations on the gravy covered goodness (and if you’re vegetarian or vegan have no fear they have options for you.) Bring a friend and get a few of the tiny sized poutines for a sampler platter of heaven.

Loose Moose

A popular watering hole near the Toronto Convention Center, this place is packed on a Friday night. They have some mighty tasty cocktails and from the looks of what the surrounding tables were munching on, some savory meals as well. While I wanted to try their “New Fashioned” they were sadly out of some ingredients, however, the Old Fashioneds here were a welcome substitute.

Master Mix Hot Pot, Chinatown

I missed the never ending hot pot from Taiwan, so I was taken to this restaurant in Chinatown. For a set price you get endless meats, vegetables, and drinks. You can choose 2 kinds of broth for your pot out of their many regular and seasonal options.

CN Tower Area

Usually I enjoy going up the tallest building in a city, however, at CA$35 I decided to pass this time around. I do recommend looking around the surrounding area though. You can still grab a photo with the tower, see the outside of the Bluejay’s stadium, cross the street to look at the old railroad turntable and check out the brewery now occupying it’s building.

The Second City

The famous improv theater has locations in Chicago, Hollywood, and Toronto. It’s a great place if you’re looking to see something a little different and get a few laughs. With several performing groups and many different themed shows, you won’t be disappointed. We saw an improvised Shakespearean style play, developed from answers the audience gave at the beginning of the show.

Board Game Cafes

If you’re looking for something a little different on a Saturday night, board game cafes are a great way to spend your evening. Toronto has a few, varying in price range and decor. We visited Castle Board Game Cafe in Chinatown, where you pay $2.50 per person per hour of play, plus any beverages or snacks you consume. With hundreds of board games, that’s a good deal though, as you can test out some new ones and compete with your friends. Other cafes in Toronto include Snakes & Lattes and Snakes & Lagers.

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