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The MRT Drink Debacle

· Taiwan,Taipei,Living Abroad,Transportation

Drinking isn’t allowed on the MRT (the subway) here. However, holding your beverage is perfectly legal, as long as you don’t consume it. This weekend while making our way across town, my friend dropped the beverage that they were holding. It was almost gone, so it was just a small puddle of ice and coffee until the train began to stop at the next station. The small puddle turned into a narrow, but long trail of coffee reaching from one door to the next. Suddenly the four of us look at each other with panicked eyes. Everyone on the train started pulling tissues out of their bags and handing them to us. We grabbed them gratefully, hit the ground and began mopping up the mess. Luckily it was cleaned up by the next stop (ours) and we were able to leave train without too much shame. Lesson learned!