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The Long Awaited Apartment Pics

My first studio apartment in Taipei, Taiwan

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Bags unpacked, time to show you guys my new apartment. I made a quick trip to Ikea across town to find new things to Karmen-ize my realm.

I went with a nature theme for my new apartment

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The bed pops up for some extra storage space

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A lot of bathrooms in Taiwan are a "wet room" style. Meaning there's no wall mounted shower. Instead, you shower in the middle of the room with the hose mounted to the sink.

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My little work area, needs a bit of organization still.

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Fridge, TV, and a Taiwan staple a dehumidifier...come winter you need one!

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Taiwan has a pretty unique garbage system, and you need these special bags to use it.

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Overall my first apartment is a nice cozy haven for me to relax in, there are a few more things I'd like to change, but for now, it's great.

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