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The End of Nomadacy

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· Road-trips,Australia

Our van adventure ended on Thursday last week when we turned in the keys to Apollo. After 2 weeks...parting was such sweet sorrow. But to remember our time together here is a little wrap up of my favorite places from the trip.

National Parks

Honestly I could never pick a favorite. With such a great variety they all have their value. Kalbarri had both coastal hikes and arid climate valleys. Karajini with it's canyons and swimming hole was one of the most gorgeous places I have visited. Litchfield was great for it's historical sites and waterfalls. Uluru brought cultural understanding with its beautiful features.

Oceany Places

While Two People Bay was cold it offered a free hideaway with a beachfront backyard. I got my first taste of snorkeling in Coral Bay and Turquoise Bay in Exmouth. My favorite sunsets were in Broome.

Delicious Delicacies

Trying the food is half the fun. Our little vineyard tour in Margaret River was packed full of high quality sampling, helped with an amazing guide. The markets in Broome and Fremantle really brought a lot of different cultures cuisine together as well, which I love sampling.

Nature Experiences

It's fun to see the creatures of the area up close, but it's more fun to have some interaction with them. My favorite places in this aspect were the Shark Bay aquarium which gave you an intimately small group, allowing you to ask more questions and learn a lot about the fish. Crocosaurus Cove allowed us to go to different feeding shows and tours. It also offered things like "croc fishing" where you were allowed to feed the babies off of fishing lines, or the more daring "cage of death" where you could get as close as possible to the scaly beings.

There are so many different categories I could think of, this entry could go on forever, but I just wanted a small wrap up to the end of one of the best trips I've ever taken.