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Taroko Gorge

A road trip to one of Taiwan's most beautiful national parks

· Taiwan,National Parks,Physical Activities

I’m back, after the year of grad school taking up my time, I’m currently doing my practicum semester, which while busy, does come with a little more free time. Therefore I’m bringing back the blog.

My first few entries are going to be some catching up from this past summer, I was doing a Summer Intensive Chinese Program in Taipei, Taiwan. It was great being back there, catching up with old friends, improving my language skills, and having some time to travel outside the city a bit more.

This first entry is about a scooter/camping trip I took with a good friend while back this summer. We drove from Taipei to Taroko National Park, located on Taiwan’s east coast. The drive took about 8 hours one way by scooter, so it was a long Thursday and Sunday both ways. We spent 3 nights camping in the park and waking up each morning to beautiful hikes and views. I’ll let the photos do most of the talking. Below you can see views from our drive down and our time in the park.

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