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Sudsy Fun

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Today’s weather brings one of my favorite times to do laundry. It’s been raining most of the afternoon, so the weather has cooled down. There’s a light breeze rolling through my apartment's windows, wafting the smell of my freshly washed items my way. And I’m hit with the strange thought…laundry, there are tons of ways to do it.

Back in the states laundry consisted of a washing machine and a dryer in our house. Perfect for getting laundry done quickly. College in the dorms meant having to go between the basement and the room checking loads and waiting patiently for everything to be done.

Now here in Taiwan laundry has changed a bit more. Most apartments here come with only a washing machine. Usually, there’s a small enclosed balcony complete with the machine and drying racks. This still works quickly, most of our things are dried within a day. However, come winter it will take a bit more work for everything to get dry before mildew sets in. The rainy season takes over around then.

My old apartment here in Taipei was a single room “studio” style. This apartment consisted of a hallway and 5 little rooms off of it. I shared my washing machine with these “roommates”, then dragged everything back into my little cubicle to hang over any non-porous surface possible while running my de-humidifier vigorously.

Who knows what my next laundry situation will be, hand washing? Sending it out for someone else to wash? Febreeze only? Okay let’s not hope that last one, that would be gross!