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Slowly but Surely!

Moving from Xinyi to Nangang

· Taiwan,Taipei,TESOL,Living Abroad

I'm finally partially in my new apartment and have internet again. I was only using my phone before this. I promise to send my new address to people soon, I just need to figure out what zip code I am now, as I changed districts.

Here's a little map to give you an idea of whereabouts I'm going to be now. The red dot is my old house, the blue work, and the new house green.

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Pictures will come soon as well! This new apartment has many perks the old one did not - more than one room, a kitchen, roommates, in a quiet neighborhood/building. (My old building is very loud!) Only downside...I had to buy furniture for this place, so someday when I leave Taiwan I'll have to sell it off.

I'm actually half in this apartment and half in the old one at present. I tend to stop by my old apartment at random times when I'm in the neighborhood (since it's near work) fill up a shopping bag, backpack, or suitcase with a few things, depending on if I'm going straight home or not. I still have a month on my old lease so I can take my time. At least I don't have to move any furniture this time.