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Sky High in Sydney

Doing the famous Bridge Climb

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I'm going a little out of order with my happenings the past week, but that's because I really want to talk about the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb.

The Bridge Climb is by far one of the coolest things I've ever done. A three-hour experience that takes you to the top of the Harbour Bridge's archway.

Walking in your register at the front desk (book online prior though as they book up fast, especially during summer months.) There are placards of all the celebrities to complete the climb as well.

The first hour is all about safety, first... paperwork and a breathalyzer test. So don't plan on hitting the pub before heading up! During the next part, you are given your suit to wear over your clothes. After putting it on I felt like we were heading for a space mission, unfortunately, a cool movie montage of slow walking with helmets did not happen. After getting your suits and putting your belongings in the lockers (only certain kinds of jewelry is allowed) it's off to join your climb leader.

You're taken to a small horseshoe shaped metal bar and given a harness. Here you strap yourself onto the pole, and slide into the harness, following steps for securing yourself in. After all of this, you are given accessories (gloves, hats, handkerchiefs, and jackets.) They're all attached to your suit by various latches, so don't panic when your hat comes flying off (and trust me it will.)

Now you have ALMOST all of your equipment, but before the last item is handed over you must pass the final test. They set up a small demonstration of the most difficult portion of the climb. If you look to the left of the picture above you'll notice a portion that goes straight up shortly after the stone pillar. This consists of about 4 ladders that you have to climb. They have a set of 2 up and 2 down for you to practice on before leaving the building. Here you also get to see how the safety equipment latches you on. We found out after the climb we were part of the first groups to use their brand new system, that they designed in house. It had just been completed the day before!

After you've tested out the terrain, you're given your headset. This way you can here the climb leader when you're spread out on the bridge. At this point, you've completed your first hour and are ready to head out onto the bridge.

Heading out of the building you walk past the stone pillar and up the ladders. This brings you to the archway. After a few photographs, you walk up the stairs halfway to the arch. There you take another photo break, as there is an amazing view of the opera house at this point.

A little further and you reach the highest point of the archway. Here there's another stop for a group photo and a talk about the skyline and history of Sydney. As well as some historical facts about the history and construction of the bridge.

Afterward, it's back down, which takes another hour more or less. Back at the start, you spend time taking off all your various gear and throwing them down little shoots to be cleaned. Once you're de-accessorized, you go back to the changing rooms to un-suit and receive your photos and certificate.

At this point, pat yourself on the back you've climbed 1,332 steps, burned around 600 calories, and gazed over Sydney's ​harbour from 440 feet (134m) in the air! Go find yourself a reward!

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