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Seoul Eats and Drinks

My first night of a long weekend in South Korea

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So last week I spent 4 ½ wonderful days in South Korea. I feel bad though because 2 days after I departed the entire area was hit with the worst rainfall and floods that it’s seen in a decade… However, I shall tell you now about my adventures there.

Day 1 – Wednesday 6/20

This wasn’t a full day; I arrived in the city at about 6 pm. My friend met me at the train station near the hostel that we would be staying at. (He arrived a few days earlier than I, and so I flew to Seoul alone.) He is Korean and has lived in Seoul, so he knows the area fairly well. We spent the evening walking through some of the main areas of the city. As most of the shops were closed at this point we went to various restaurants and bars snacking and having various beverages. Some of the things I consumed were amazing:

Korea BBQ! marinated meats that they bring to your table, which is then cooked on a grill in the center of the table. You then eat said meat by rolling it up in a lettuce (or other various greens that they bring) leaf with chili sauces, rice, or other various veggie/chili dishes that are brought to the table. You then eat it like a veggie taco almost. The other option is to just put the meat into your rice bowl and eat it from there. There are usually also sides of garlic cloves (sometimes in a small dish with oil) and kimchi that you can put onto the grill. It is a very flavorful experience. I had it three times while there.

Unfortunately, my priorities go:

1) eat lots of meat

2) remember I should take a picture of meat when it's almost bad.

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Random Snacks - Sometimes this was a fruit platter or a dish of rice snacks. Other times it was a bowl of spicy soup. The one I had featured tofu, squid, potatoes, seaweed, and other various veggies in a chili broth. My mouth was on fire like never before, but I could not stop eating it!

Soju – The most well known beverage in Korea. It tastes like a sweeter version of vodka.

Rice Wine – Sweet, with a winey taste…milky.


Bamboo Liquor – This is another clear beverage that you drink, it’s distilled with bamboo. I like this one the best, as it was sweet and almost tasted like green apples.


That brought my first night in Seoul to a close, I shall tell you more about my trip soon!