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Road Trip - Day 3

Kentucky and Mammoth Cave National Park

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The final day of our short road trip contained mostly driving to get home. We did, however, have time for one stop.

Mammoth Cave National Park

Located in South Central Kentucky, this cave system is world’s longest known cave system. So far 390 miles of caverns have been discovered and explored. There are dozens of different guided tours that you can take, changing with each season. They all have different areas or themes. We did the historical tour, which lasted 2 hours and took you to some of the biggest areas of the cave system, as well as covering historical moments in the cave's history: mining, the beginning of tourism, explorers who searched for new paths throughout the cavern, and more. It’s obviously fairly dim down there, but they do have a nice system of lights that they turn off and on as you make your way through the path, so you’re never squinting for your next step. The craziest part of our journey was called “Fat Man’s Misery” a section of walls that close in, while the ceiling ducks lower, you have to zig and zag a lot, but otherwise, there’s no fear of being stuck.

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