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Phillip Island

· Australia,Wildlife and Nature

Penguins, the ever adorable flightless bird. I can't resist them, so a chance to see the little guys at Phillip Island was too much to pass up. I took a day trip, so it involved a few more locations than just the penguin parade.

First stop was a wildlife park, where I got to feed wallabies and kangaroos. Just put some food in your hands and wait for these guys to come to you.

After the kangaroos, we stopped at a koala rescue center, here you can walk around the enclosures and scout out the trees. This guy was a little shy...

Church Heritage Farm was our last pre-penguin stop. This is Australia's oldest farm, and they have lots of performance times to show you examples of farm life.

After the farm, it was time for the penguin parade. Unfortunately, there's no photography allowed here, mostly because the penguins' eyes are rather sensitive to flash photography, and most people forget to turn this off. You start by watching them come out of the ocean, in small groups. Eventually, they make their way up the beach and into the brush. Here they march their way uphill to the little enclosures built for them all over. You can walk around the boardwalk and see them all shuffling their way home.

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