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Perth, the Tasty Treats

Eating my way through Perth, Western Australia

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Getting back into Western food has been delightful. There were so many flavors that I had missed while living in Asia. Perth delivers a lot of great options, so dining here has been a feast. Here are a few of the best spots I've dined at so far.

The Art Museum of Western Australia Cafe does a surprisingly good lunch for a museum canteen. I tried the Spiced Lentil and Sweet Potato burger with pesto and aioli mayo, it was a great blend of flavors.

Mooney's Irish Sandwich Bar settled my cravings for meaty goodness. I got the roast beef sandwich which came with gravy and stuffing. It was a nice hearty meal, and one of the cheaper locations I've eaten at.

London Court Cafe down London Ct. off the Hay St. Mall, does a great breakfast. I got the breakfast burger. One side had bacon and egg, the other hamburger and egg. Combined with caramelized onions and tomato relish. This was a great filling breakfast that kept me running most the day. The staff is incredibly friendly as well.

Greenhouse is a fully green restaurant. It's inside is a rough collection of recycled materials that some what resemble a work shop. The food is tapas style, which makes it easy to try a few dishes.

Raw snapper with citrus, pepper, and avocado

Chorizo and Cider

Emu, with pureed peas, pepper, cilantro, and a bit of citrus

Tiger Tiger, in Murray Mews, was another great morning start. Their eggs benedict brought together a blend of great flavors. Their outdoor eating area is a peaceful spot to start the day, located in the alley.

The Perth Food Festival runs for the whole month of March. We wandered upon in on Friday night. Made up of both food trucks and stands from permanent restaurants.

Our first round was a paella stuffed full of everything: sausage, calamari, shrimp, mussels, pork...the more we dug in the more we discovered.

Mango lassi and a bratwurst: smothered in onions, this helped quench my cravings for food back home.

Delish Ice is a local popsicle company: running one truck and two smaller stands at the moment. They specialize in unique icy creations, that definitely live up to their name.

I tried the watermelon lemonade (left) my friend trip the ginger beer, mint, and lime.

Grill'd is another Australian company that offers great food. Their chips are made chunky with a herby seasoning. I tried the Summer Sunset burger, featuring beef, avocado, bacon, pineapple, salad, relish, and herbed mayo. They also have some chicken and lamb burger creations.

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