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Museums, Cookies, Burgers, and KTV...A Typical Weekend

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We'll try to keep this writing streak I'm on going :)

Now that I'm back in Taipei, it's still Chinese New Years here, so I don't have to be at work until Monday, this gives me some more time to explore. The afternoon started with a journey to the Suho Paper Museum. The first floor has a gift shop and an area where you can see different machinery used in the papermaking process. On the second floor, there is a temporary exhibit. Currently, it displays the artist Tim Budden's paper cutting work. There they have exhibits discussing the history of paper, the material it uses, and you can try different interactive activities involving different types of paper. On the roof, you can do a workshop to make your own paper.


After the museum, we headed to the Shida area to stop by iBaked. There you can design your own ice cream sandwich. You can pick any two cookies and an ice cream. They also have floats, brownies, and milkshakes that I would like to try. My sandwich was made with one vanilla brown sugar cookie and one chocolate chunk cookie. Swiss chocolate chip ice cream in the middle made it amazing!


Since desert should always come before dinner, we went to get hamburgers afterward at KGB (Kiwi Gourmet Burger) nearby. I've eaten there a few times and it's always tasty. This time I enjoyed the ginger lime aioli sauce burger with a side of garlic fries. Although I stole a fair amount of my friend's cheese fries as well. The cheese is amazing on those!


After this, I joined so coworkers for KTV. Here there are many businesses that you can go to. You rent a room for a few hours and have your own TV and karaoke machine. Some places have food to order, or an all you can eat buffet and beverages. Some you can just carry in your own food. They usually have a varying selection of Chinese, Japanese, and English songs. It is actually one of my favorite hobbies here. The night finished up with some drinks with friends later.


All in all, an average weekend day for Karmen :)

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