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Minor Differences: Going to the Movies

A look at differences between movie going in America and Taiwan

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While I was home a few weeks ago, it gave me a new view of things that are different between America and Taiwan. Some things I had forgotten, others I just didn't realize until recently. I've decided my next few entries will be dedicated to these minor differences between the two. Today's entry the movie.

Language: One obvious difference between the two, most cinemas in America feature English or foreign films with English subtitles. Movies in Taiwan have a variety of English with Chinese subtitles, English movies dubbed with Chinese AND having Chinese subtitles. Chinese. Chinese with English subtitles. Most the time then there is no problem seeing a movie and understanding it. It might even be great listening practice when your Chinese improves. The only problem is when you and your friend use the self-serve kiosk and accidentally buy the Chinese dubbed movie, making some bits of the movie you're watching a guessing game.

Price: About the same depending what movie you want to see. Snacks not included, tickets can be slightly more expensive here.

Seating: While most theaters in America are the "first come first serve" you are assigned a seat when purchasing your ticket here. Usually, the sales person will show you a layout of the theater and some options. Or the self-serve kiosks will let you choose your seats as well. It's a well-organized method, except for when you're late, and you really just want to sit in the first seat you see upon walking into the theater.

Snacks: No real differences, standard fare of popcorn, soda, hot candy here though usually.

Carry-in policies: Here's the one favorite pro of theaters here. There's really no major policies on carrying in food. As long as your not bringing in smelly things like fried chicken or BBQ they don't really have any problems. I once walked into a movie with a cheeseburger, fries, salad, milkshakes, and desert for me and my friend. Another time we brought whiskey and coke in. As long as you're not disturbing the people around you, it's freer. Only con is missing that feeling of "sticking it to the man" when you walked into a theater carrying soda and candy in your bag that comes sometimes in America.