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Macau - Old and New

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Day two of our trip to Macau brought us both to the older parts of the city, as well as the modern, casino filled parts. Our morning started with a nice walk from our hotel to the Galaxy hotel. There was a narrow road near our hotel, that lead us to the old Taipa plaza, where there are plenty of old Portuguese houses to peer at and many food-stands to try out.

After our saunter to the hotel, we stopped at the Festiva restaurant where we had vouchers for the all you can eat buffet. A large collection of sushi, ramen, pizza, pasta, Indian curry, Chinese dishes, cakes, and ice cream lay before us. I left stuffed. We also got a special Chinese New Years dish of sashimi with rice noodles and a sweet and sour sauce.

Overly full it was time to do some walking, so we took the shuttle bus into the main area of Macau, walking through the old plaza and up the hill to the ruins of St. Paul. Only the front facade remains, as well as a crypt that was built where the main altar used to be. Back down the hill, we stumbled on pretty alleys and an old house, once belonging to an affluent family. Eventually, the sun started setting and we found a Portuguese restaurant to refuel in before heading back onto the Galaxy hotel's shuttle bus.

Back at the hotel, we had another voucher that came with the package, HK$50 (about US$6) for gambling. Not a lot, but a little fun money. I ended up winning HK$70 (US$9.)...I promised all my friends I'd buy them a candy bar since the promises of cool cars and mansions with my winnings seems a little impossible now. After prying ourselves away from the glittering machines, it was time to call it a night for Day 2.

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