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Iolani Palace

Learning about Hawaii's history

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Visitation Information:

Guided and Audio tours available Monday-Saturday 9am-4pm

If you're eager to learn more about Hawaii's history, Iolani Palace is a good jumping off point. It's where the Kings and Queens of the Kingdom of Hawaii lived, up until the overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy and the events that led to Hawaii's statehood.

I did an audio tour of the palace on my first day in Honolulu, it was an eye-opening one as I admittedly knew little about Hawaii's history before my visit. While I usually don't enjoy audio tours, the fact that this one was concise and had a good flow as you traveled through the house made it enjoyable for me. Below are some photos and highlights of my visit.

The Palace Exterior

The Palace grounds were established in 1845 by King Kamehameha III, the palace which stands on the grounds today was completed in 1882.

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The Palace Interior

Inside you can see the grand hall, throne room, dining hall, and other rooms while learning about the history of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

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Queen Liliuokalani's Imprisonment

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Queen Liliuokalani rose to the throne after her brother's death and ruled until the overthrow of the Monarchy. When a group of Hawaiian royalists attempted to unsuccessfully reestablish her rule, she was arrested and was originally supposed to serve five years hard labor. This was later changed to about eight months of imprisonment in the palace. During her imprisonment she spent some of her time making the quilt below. Various sections have important dates in her life, lines from poems she wrote, and more. She wrote a few songs as well during her imprisonment, one which speaks about forgiving those who have caused her pain.

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