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Enjoying my first day in the city with some tasty stops

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I have been extremely lazy today I will admit it. My flight left Taiwan around 9 am this morning, so I didn't sleep much the night before with packing and transportation. I took the train from the Hong Kong airport, which is very fast, only around a twenty-minute journey, found my hostel, and crashed for a few hours. When I woke up it was about 5 pm.

I decided my night couldn't be a complete waste, so I went to the Soho district. There are many restaurants to be found, and business man, expats, and tourists fill them to the brim, especially on a Friday night. I found a nice Thai place called, Koh Thai. I treated myself to a dinner of an appetizer, Tom Kha Gai (a chicken soup with coconut broth, cilantro, mushrooms, chilis, and a few other vegetables.) My main course was Gaeng Phed Nuer, a red curry dish with vegetables, cilantro, and beef. Of course, I tried the Gingertini as well.

Walking down the street a bit further, I found my dessert at a shop called, Cheesess. They have a selection of cheesecakes to go, and two different jams you can buy a jar of for topping. I went with the Kyoto White cheesecake, and a brandied strawberry jam. It was an amazingly smooth and flavorful combination.

Afterwards, I wandered for a bit, shopping at H&M for a few things, and finding a place I can go tomorrow to get my shoes fixed if I want, as I realized halfway through today they're shabbier than I realized. Tomorrow I'll be meeting a friend and adventuring more, we'll see what the day can find.

These pictures are super blurry since I took them with my phone, sorry.

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