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In the Darwin, right in the city is a Crocodile zoo. The Crocosaurus Cove features crocs, turtles, fish, snakes, and other native reptiles. For $32 you can get a day pass allowing you to come and go through the day, seeing shows that you are interested in.

We came for one of the "fishing" sessions. Here you can go down to the baby crocs tanks and feed them. A small group is taken forward to the pier and given fishing poles with pieces of meat on them. You hold them over the babies, making them jump and try to get it. You really have to wiggle the poles at times to get them out.

They also have other activities like The Cage of Death. We didn't do this one, but you can get into a glass cage and be lowered into various croc tanks.

They also have a famous movie star here. Burt who once started in Crocodile Dundee.

After all the crocs we went to check out the reptile house. They had snake feedings to watch and other reptiles to hold.

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