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First Night in Osaka

Got in a few hours ago, after a train ride from the airport. I'm taking it pretty easy tonight. Wandered for a bit, but mostly just ate some food and enjoyed the nice hotel room I let myself splurge and get for the first few days of the trip.

My hotel is very large, there's actually a wedding chapel inside of it, built to look like an actual church. There are 3 restaurants and a spa. I'm on the 19th floor.

My room is pretty nice, very clean and relaxing. Can't wait to sleep in that bed tonight!

Ate dinner in the hotel's Japanese restaurant. There were some hit and miss items in the set that I ordered. Here are some of the highlights. Sorry, the photos are a little dim, I didn't think flash was restaurant appropriate.

Appetizer plate, the sashimi was very tender, my favorites were the greens and mushroom salad (2nd from the right) and the fried rolls on the far right.

Grilled vegetables and steak. I'm pretty sure that cow fell from heaven I'm not going to lie, it was amazing beef.

Tempura made with vegetables, fish, and shrimp

The rice is seasoned with fish and herbs. The soup, however, was far too salty for me.

Ice cream, with fruit and mint leaves.

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