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Come Here Little Typhoon...

Hoping for a day off...

· Taiwan,Weather

Like a kid crossing their fingers, I'm currently refreshing the weather website every 10 minutes to see if we get a typhoon day tomorrow. Okay so it's only a tropical storm, but still! If so it could be a great day to stay inside with friends: cooking, playing games, staying out of the wet and windy weather as much as possible! If not well, life and work continue as normal. Already most of the cities south of me have already called the day off, so here's hoping...

Thinking back, this brings me to the snow days of Wisconsin. They were always so pleasant. I either woke up from my winter morning stupor to my mom telling me the good news or I was glued to the TV, toast or cereal in hand, watching the school closing scroll across the bottom of the news.

Those snow days, being a little drier than a typhoon were spent outside. I was usually so bundled up in so much snow gear it was barely possible to move. Hours were spent making snow men, snow forts, snow angels, snow balls, or basically anything else that involved snow in front of its name. Other times were spent sledding down the small hill in the back yard or getting into a face washing battle with my brother.

Afterward, it was time to warm inside with some cartoons and a hot chocolate (with mini-marshmallows) until my dad came home. After dinner, it was time for my brother and me to fight over who would get to run the snow plow controls on our dad's SUV while we cleared the driveway.

It's odd how I've grown up, and the weather around me has changed with my surroundings, yet the desire for those no school days still exists. It makes me wonder as well, what types of days-off do other people get in their area?

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