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Chomp Chomp 

A Day of Crocodiles

· Australia,Wildlife and Nature

The Malcolm Douglas Broome Crocodile Park sits about a 15-minute drive from Broome. It's open from 2-5pm. It was well worth the visit to see how impressive and aggressive crocodiles can be.

The park contains many other animals native to the area. Wallabies, kangaroos, birds, bats, and dingos can all be found here, as well as American alligators.

The feeding/tour starts at 3 pm with a discussion about crocodile young. After showing us a few one-year-olds, their mouths are strapped shut and they are passed around to anyone that wants to hold them.

After the babies, it's time to see the adults in action. The main pond has about 40 crocs, and they come right up to the fence around this time for a feast of chicken and fish. It's here that you can see how aggressive they get, chomping at the food and each other. Quite a few fights broke out amongst the group as they fed.

It's definitely a worthwhile opportunity to see the crocodiles in a safe learning environment. I don't really want to run into any of these guys in the wild.

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