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Beating the Summer Heat

Enjoying Taiwan's many juices and teas

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The sweltering heat is on here in Taiwan, summer has no doubt arrived. While I'd like to say I'm used to being covered in sweat all day, or occasionally feeling like I just want to lay down in the middle of a sidewalk because I'm so thirsty, I haven't. Luckily, there are some very convenient and cheap things here during summer that make it a bit more bearable. Some of these is the never ending supply of tea and juice shops.

Nothing makes you deal with a day with a temperature of 94 (33-34C) then a cold, freshly blended watermelon juice. Not into watermelon? Try mango, guava, lemon, pineapple, apple, orange, or any combination there after. Mix ins like tea, milk, various jellies, or tapioca pearls make the options literally endless. The giant plastic cups are sealed with a thin plastic layer after being made. You are given a straw with one sharp end to stab through the plastic later. It's pretty much liquid heaven on a hot day, and all this for about US$1-2!

Cutting up the fruit for my juice

A vast selection of fruits for the picking

Pick your pleasure

Add a little sugar and some ice, then blend on the awesome setting

Some other variations include:

Watermelon juice, one of my favorites

Wintermelon tea, a tea made with caramelized sugars and wintermelon.

Lemon soda, made with lemon juice, sugar, and seltzer water.

The traditional "Bubble tea" milk tea with tapioca bubbles. Delicious but very filling.

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