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Another Look at Taiwan's Medical System

Doctor visits and prescriptions

My apologies I've fallen so far behind, I promise to catch you up! But first today's events!

I wrote earlier this year about my health exam for my work visa. Well, today I had another medical adventure. I came down with flu-like symptoms yesterday. So my coworker offered to take me to the clinic if I still felt sick this morning. It’s the type of flu that you can still go to work, but I figured why not get the medicine and make it go away faster.

So the first thing we did was walk into the clinic, with no appointment. I had to fill out a short form with my name, phone number, and address. Then I was immediately taken to the doctor waiting behind a curtain. He looked at my throat and nose, asking me questions through my friend. About five minutes later I was done and went back to the desk on the other side of the curtain. There they already had a few little bags of medicine waiting for me, and a prescription to fill next door for some more medications. Went next door with the prescription and my insurance card, and in about 5 more minutes I had all my medications. I think the total process took maybe 10-15 minutes and cost me the total sum of $5 US!

Below…the large sum of meds I’ll be taking the next few days!

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