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An Evening of Inventing

(Beverages, That Is)

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This past weekend, a group of friends and I gathered to show off our cocktail making skills. I thought I'd share some of the recipes we came up with, they show our very different drinking tastes and all are themed based. I won't put exact measurements as we all have varying preferences in the amount we like to pour.

Jezebel, a drink based on The South (best drunk while listening to country music)

Mint leaves, White Rum, Gin, Peach Juice, Mountain Dew, and Mint Simple Syrup. It's a drink that was sweet and herby, with a lot of citruses. Classy and trailer trashy all at once.

BANG-ria (Red wine for beginners)

A mix of red wine, mixed fruit, and ice cream soda. It's like a candy version of sangria.

Sinner-bons (A bakery theme)

My creation consists of: A Cinnamon/Sugar rimmed glass, Malibu, Caramel Liquor, honey, milk, and a bit of cinnamon on the top of the glass. Try to keep the milk amount down, or it gets very filling.

(No picture available, but picture something light-caramel colored.)

10 pm Sunset (A New Zealand Summer beverage)

A complexly layered shot, it is very light and delicious.

Layer 1: Mango ice cream, mango liquor, lime juice blended

Layer 2: Vanilla ice cream, watermelon liquor, rose petals

Layer 3: (not available in this version, but it was stated raspberry syrup was intended to top this.)

Lace the edge of the glass with lime juice.

Caribbean Scorpion (Fruity tropical-ness with a sting)

Midori, white rum, lime juice, olive juice, ginger ale, olives served with. The drink is sweet, to begin with then hits you with a sour note. Not for the light-hearted drinker.

Hope you enjoyed this little batch of recipes we came up with. Anyone have any beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) that they've invented?

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